Cheap International Phone Calls

Changes in the way premium rate numbers are used mean that RingSID can offer a cheaper international dialling service than the national carrier from as low as 3p per minute.

And what's more it couldn't be easier to use! All you have to do is ring the relevant access number for the country you are dialling prior to the number of the person you are calling. You can use the RingSID service immediately and you will be billed by your telephone provider at the rates stated*.

For prices and access numbers just select, from the list below, the country you wish to dial.

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Popular destinations:

*Call rates are based on BT's charges. Calls from other landline providers or mobiles may carry a surcharge by them.

International Calls by RingSID
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Mobile Top Up
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Directory Enquiries Can't find a
telephone number?

Try our National and International Directory Enquiry service.

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Dialing abroad No subscription
Compare telephone call charges Excellent quality
International telephone charges All calls appear on your regular bill
Low rate access numbers Same price all day...every day
British telecom call charges Up to 90% cheaper than the national carrier
Cheap international phonecalls Per second billing
Cheap international dialling No connection charge
Cheap international access numbers No need for phone cards
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